De Bijenkorf

De Bijenkorf has long been a trendsetter in the Dutch retail sector. For the past few years, the company has been working on a switch to a rock-solid omnichannel strategy. Last year, De Bijenkorf received several awards, including the award for 'Marketing Company of the Year' and the 'Thuiswinkel Awards'.

The Challenge

De Bijenkorf also has a social media presence that suits the high-end character of the company. De Bijenkorf wants to use high-quality motion content, such as video and animation for multiple channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) in order to become part of its customers' experiences online.


Daily Dialogues is creating motion content productions for De Bijenkorf. Each item perfectly matches the omnichannel strategy in terms of appearance and yet has a unique approach in terms of concept. The starting point is always to analyse several products.


Product Photography

We provided customised product photography for De Bijenkorf's Instagram account. This is often done on a campaign basis, including art direction that fits the current campaign. We take on all aspects from product choice, concept and logistics to final processing.

Bijenkorf loves you!

To attract talent, we developed a year-round concept for labour market communication. Based on this, got a facelift and we created some campaigns on LinkedIn, facebook and instagram. Thanks to a smart funnel approach, De Bijenkorf 'tempts' people to apply.



For De Bijenkorf's spring campaign, we made a series of videos that highlight the trends in a playful way. In this concept, we emphasised the range of colourful socks. Which, this year, is a small, creative statement in itself.


Flip-Flop Time

Shoes are, of course, one of De Bijenkorf's essential products. We made a stop motion flip-flop video for the summer with a beach feeling, but in as subtle a way as possible. The video was on social media, but was also shown on screens in the shops themselves.

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