Hunkemöller is one of the largest lingerie specialists in Europe and a market leader in the Benelux countries and Germany. The collection is designed in-house and regularly promoted by well-known ambassadors. As one of the only major retailers in the sector, the brand is growing fast, often with multiple shop openings per month. Hunkemöller is also growing fast online.

The Challenge

A commercial organisation like Hunkemöller always looks at the impact of its efforts on (e-commerce) sales when using online media. The challenge for Daily Dialogues is clear, increase online sales through the use of social media!


Daily Dialogues is Hunkemöller's international preferred supplier in the field of social media. We provide services for 8 countries and work together closely with both Hunkemöller's social and marketing teams. We also advise on a tactical and strategic level.

The Campaign

Swim 2017

For various campaigns, including swimwear 2017, we set up a phased advertising strategy, sometimes using hyper-local targeting. With this method, we target a selected group in the area around a shop, specific place or other geographic location with a clear call to action in order to achieve high relevance for both the brand and the public.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Always on content

Hunkemöller's focus is on Facebook and Instagram, but Pinterest and Snapchat are also used. Daily Dialogues is responsible for delivering the right content to the right target group using the right channels in the right format. While also, of course, making sure to use the right language, because Hunkemöller serves 8 countries on social media from the Netherlands.


Retailers have to make a significant switch to online (e-commerce) in order to survive. Hunkemöller is a textbook example of a company which has succeeded in making this change. E-commerce revenue has been growing exponentially for a long time, supported by awareness and traffic using social media. Channels such as Facebook and Instagram have been proven to produce a high ROI in Hunkemöller's conversion funnel.

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