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Kenneth Smit is the Netherlands' foremost trainer and educator in the entrepreneurial sector. You can contact Kenneth Smit for sales training, communication training, assessments, coaching and business improvement. Their slogan is: it's tough, but it gets you there!

The Challenge

Business professionals, such as vendors and managers, are also becoming more and more active online on channels such as Facebook and Linkedin. Kenneth Smit has asked Daily Dialogues to improve its target group's online experience through 'thought leading' content.


Daily Dialogues is Kenneth Smit's preferred supplier and is responsible for blogs, social content, conversion and traffic to the website. We are also a strategic sparring partner.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Always on content

Kenneth Smit focuses on a business audience. LinkedIn and facebook are important channels. Daily Dialogues takes care of the Always On content and the interaction. We not only developed a content strategy, but also developed a distinctive, pleasant-looking visual style of our own. This style breaks with banal stock photos and connects to social media use through greater simplicity.


Lead generation in the business market is a big challenge for many companies. Through targeted content strategy and highly targeted online advertising, Kenneth Smit has been able to increase the number of leads as well as conversions on the website.

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