Remia, giving the world flavour since 1925! You'll be hard-pressed to find a Dutch person who isn't familiar with Remia's products. As a leading supplier of sauces and dressings, Remia has become an integral part of Dutch society. Digital is now an essential element in Remia's marketing mix.

The Campaign

The Challenge

Remia is a real marketing brand. A brand that invests a lot of time and effort into its communication with consumers in the Netherlands. We keep Remia at the forefront of people's minds using social media and we draw attention to new products and campaign moments. A combination of 'reach' and 'interaction'. In short: 'reac-tion'!


We take care of the social strategy, the use of media and activation campaigns.


Winter Burger

Video and animation are becoming increasingly important on social media. It is therefore important to Remia to work with this format but to remain focused on the theme of food and to inspire. We make short, monthly 'bite-sized' videos about a simple recipe. These guarantee a high level of interaction.

The Original - Remixed

In order to generate attention to Remia's barbecue sauces, we came up with an activation campaign. An online version of Remia's Afrojack commercial in which he remixes a song by Rod Stewart.


In order to draw attention to Remia's broad product range in the summer months, we came up with a "Summer Food" coat rack concept. Inspired by the popularity of food trucks and authentic recipes, we produced a series of online videos for the "see phase" of the campaign. In the think/do phase we used re-targeting to draw attention to specific products.


Remia achieved increased visibility for its products and campaigns using social media. The national TV advertisements were also supported by social media. The sampling campaign we carried out yielded more than 15,000 inquiries in a cost-effective manner. Social media is also one of the only ways for Remia to get in touch with end users and to ask them for feedback. Findings show that products that are promoted on social media sell better in the retail channel.

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