Wecycle organises the collection and recycling of electrical appliances and energy-efficient lighting (e-waste). Wecycle's aim is to collect as much e-waste as possible working together with municipalities, recycling companies, shops, installers, petting zoos and consumers.

The Challenge

Wecycle has an important goal: to collect as much e-waste as possible! We want to create an environment, using social media, in which the average Dutch person considers it second nature to return electrical appliances. We make people aware of the importance of recycling through social media and try to encourage them to take action. By engaging people with online campaigns, games and Always On content, we are working towards changing behaviour.


Daily Dialogues is Wecycle's preferred supplier in the field of social media marketing.

Influencer Campaign

Secret Song

Young people are a difficult group for marketers to target. We came up with, "Secret Song", a concept based on music and an influencer. By going to a drop-off point, young people were then able to download a new Ronnie Flex song. Publicity came from the artist himself who knows how to appeal to young people. It resulted in instagram posts with 15,000 - 20,000 likes per post, generating a very wide reach among young people.

Influencer Campaign


It was our challenge to bring the not particularly sexy subject of recycling to young people's attention. To achieve this, we used popular vloggers Nesim and Qucee (Supergaande). We created a vlog that showed how they depicted the entire recycling process in their own creative way after shadowing Wecycle for an entire day. Thanks to this campaign, public awareness of the Wecycle bins increased from 54% to 68%.


Through the active use of social media, we know how to create a high level of reach, together with Wecycle, which leads to more visibility for Wecycle and its goals in the Dutch market. We also use social media to convert people to specific events and to drop-off points.

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